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With our comprehensive information hub, people just like you can gain the knowledge and skill required to do anything with glue, adhesive, and tape products. You’ll learn how to use these items properly and what projects to use them on. With experts available to help you every step of the way, you’ll be well on your way to successfully completing projects. 

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Do you need a long-lasting, waterproof sealant? What about a sturdy yet flexible tape? Or how about immovable glue? One look at the countless glue, sealant, and tape options will have you wanting to pull out your hair. But don’t worry. At National Adhesive, we’ve taken all the hassle and stress out of finding the right products. We offer a diverse array of professional-quality, industry-leading, and customer-tested products for a wide range of uses. And through listings with the world’s leading retailers, we’ve streamlined the process of finding and obtaining high-quality tapes, sealants, and glues. It’s never been easier to find exactly what you need. 

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When you first start looking for the right sealants, glues, or tapes, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone. Everyone feels a bit overwhelmed and confused when exploring this industry, no matter how much experience they have. Despite this feeling of being alone, you’re not! At National Adhesive, we’ve created a platform where all these like-minded individuals can come together to support one another, share their experiences, and celebrate their accomplishments. Our community is always growing, but there’s a missing spot without you onboard.


Adhesive is any substance applied to one or more surfaces designed to bind them together and resist separation or anything that might cause it. This binding solution has a lot of advantages over other techniques including welding, sewing, and mechanical fastening because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, and durability. Adhesives require significantly less experience and technical skill for the value and strength it provides when compared to other binding strategies or tools.

Sealants are among the least understood when compared to adhesives or tapes. These chemical materials are specifically designed to fill in cracks and gaps to make repairs, join different parts together, or to protect against damage. Many sealants are built to be airtight and waterproof to withstand a lot of use and damage. Some sealant products can have slight adhesive properties for a stronger and more durable seal. One of the most common uses for sealants is in home construction either by professional contractors or home DIYers. However, there are many other applications for sealants that we can help you master no matter what you want to accomplish!

Tape is the most commonly used product within the industry, making it the tool people are most comfortable with using. However, there are many more tape products than you might be aware of. Duct tape and Scotch tape are the two most well-known versions, but there are significantly more. Some tape is used to prevent paint from spreading, others are used to prevent electrical conductivity, and many are used to hold things together. The one thing nearly all tapes have in common is the convenient, easy-to-use, and familiar roll they all tend to come in which makes application a breeze.

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At National Adhesive, we’ve always remained focus on what we know. We’re experts in sealants, adhesives, and tapes which is exactly why you’ll find everything about these products and how to use them properly on our informative site. You won’t have to sift through a bunch of unrelated, unhelpful material. We don’t dabble in things that we’re not passionate or knowledgeable about. If it sticks and fixes, we’ll make it exciting for you!