Solving Everyday Kitchen Problems With Glue and Sealants

Solving Everyday Kitchen Problems With Glue and Sealants

There’s something about the kitchen of any home. They are the inspiration to all our hidden chef moments, dinner party safe-havens, and rainy-day kid mess.

Apart from that, it’s where the fridge is, right? The most important appliance in the history of growling stomachs.

Kitchens take on a lot and we expect a lot, but even the things we rely on need some attention from time to time. So, when the heart of your home needs a little tender loving care there are glue and sealant solutions ready when you are.

So, take a seat, make sure it’s not sticky, and read on as we bring back ‘easy’ into your kitchen repair vocabulary.

Let’s get started. Then we can eat!

The Days of Our Tiles

Got splashback?

Everyone loves a tile. It must be one of the most considered choices for any new kitchen builder or DIY-er looking to replace. Stable, resilient, and easy to clean they are the perfect kitchen companion, but over time you may notice spaces developing between tiles.

What we need here is a mildew-resistant solution that will take all you can throw at it.

A high-strength silicone with the flexibility to move with everyday use is the perfect solution. Excellent adhesion for a variety of non-porous materials such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, and aluminum this type of product is a must-have.

It’s not just about the splashback tile that cops all the famous spaghetti and meatball splashes, how about the floor tiles?

Floor tiles in kitchens are made of tough materials, so any repairs need a glue or sealant solution that is just as durable and ready to take the rough stuff.

Don’t Screw It! Just Glue It. Glue Angel Screw It is the perfect solution for repairs that don’t require nails or screws for a professional and durable solution. The perfect combination of acrylic sealer with polyurethanes and silicones, this could turn out to be one of the best glues you have as a household go-to.

Draws and Cabinetry

Draws and cabinets in a kitchen bring a certain challenge to those looking to repair rather than replace,

What we need here is a fixing solution that is quick. Kitchen draws can fail due to age, and wear and tear. Whether it’s cracked handles, loose tracks or dowel joints needing a bit of strengthening, kitchen storage areas need a solution that can handle it.

An activator and an adhesive? Yep.

Glue Genius Kit is possibly the only home repair kit you’ll ever need. This will fix all those niggling loose bits, that need a strong and permanent adhesive.

Where have you been all my life?

Lifting Laminate

No, this part is not a Netflix movie title about a gold medal-winning weightlifter named Laminate, but rather a story about a more well-known occurrence of kitchen needling.

There are none so eye-catching as a section of laminate countertop that appears to be lifting. That section will find its way into your line-of-sight every day, driving you to distraction in its unwavering, inanimate way of screaming FIX ME!

Time to bring it back to its former glory.

For this job, you need sticky and quick. Smaller areas will respond to a glue that is instantaneous and effective.

This type of product removes the need for clamping and is no fuss. A super glue at its best.

The reason we can leave it or let the lifted area increase? If moisture gets under it, or it is left to deteriorate, the problem becomes harder to fix. Guess what that means.

More time, more expense, and more hours you don’t get to spend making the perfect triple-decker BLT.

Onto The Next Job

Glues and sealants for kitchen repairs are not just limited to the things we immediately think of. Sure, most wear and tear occur from heavy use, but there are some areas that may need attention too.

Give much thought to your windows? How about those gaps you’ve been meaning to get to?

It’s ok. We don’t judge here.

Keeping any gaps sealed due to movement, natural settling, or even inclement weather, is important for the kitchen as much as anywhere else in the home.

What does a sealant do? It basically protects and serves. Keep out rain, dust, pests, and drafts through simple maintenance with the correct types of glues and sealants specifically designed for heavy use areas like kitchens.

Seal Your Home’s Future

Repairs around the home remain a priority for many homeowners, and kitchens received a large portion of that attention.


Maintaining the appeal of your kitchen has a lot to do with the need for reliability and longevity, not to mention the cost if simple maintenance is ignored for too long.

Kitchen remodeling and renovation are some of the most expensive projects undertaken.

Tackling problems when they arise makes a lot of sense, to ensure you keep the value in your kitchen.

It pays to use the best products you can.

Got a sticky situation? A few small kitchen projects?

Choosing the right products will mean getting the job done quicker and knowing it is done properly to last longer.

Ready to begin repairs on your kitchen? Contact us for the best in advice with glue and sealant solutions for every job in your home.