Don’t Throw It Away, Glue It! – 5 Things the Right Glue Can Fix and More

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Don’t Throw It Away, Glue It! – 5 Things the Right Glue Can Fix and More

There’s no doubt we live in a throwaway world. Many find it easier to replace broken things rather than replace, but there is a better way. There are items that can be fixed, saving landfills and more importantly, your wallet.

So, let’s look at some things that can be fixed with the right glues.
You’ll be surprised at the things around the home you can repair more easily than looking for a replacement.

Don’t throw it away.

Glue it!

Turn Broken Furniture into Something New

Giving old furniture a new life can be simple. Repairing using the right glues is the beginning.
Make those joins stronger and usable again. Not only will it save you money, but there’s a definite sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you take the time to turn older pieces of furniture into a fresh, usable item.

If you think they are far beyond their best-by date, look again.

Recycle, reuse.

Oh Kitchen, My Kitchen

Let’s face it. We give our kitchens a hard time. Draws are slammed, cabinets are loaded with years of accumulation, and pantries hold our most delectable comforts.

So, what happens when they start to fight back?

Do be scared. Just get out the glue.

Completing simple repairs means not having to replace them. Handles and knobs will generally go first along with wooden joinery, and any laminate coverings.

Too easy. Glue it!

Home on The Range

Repairing large or small appliances does not always mean having access to spare parts, or electrical know-how.

Many things have a simpler solution.

Seals on refrigerators wear due to their heavy usage, but they can be replaced quite easily. If the seals are peeling off the door, it will cause a loss of temperature which in turn can be hazardous for keeping food at the correct temperature.

Don’t throw it away. Replace the seal. The part of the seal can be re-adhered to the door with the right glue breathing new life into an older appliance.

Handles on Microwaves, rubber feet on blenders, grips on pans, or knobs on stoves can all be fixed with the right application of a purposeful adhesive.

Can you feel your bank balance smiling?

Keep the Keepsakes

We all have them. Memories from vacations, items passed down through generations, or just those much-loved toys we can’t bear to part with.

Why throw them away if they can be fixed?

Some of the simplest glues can give you back something you thought was lost forever – your memories.

All things need a bit of TLC over the years. Repair with the right glues and enjoy them for longer.

Glue Keeps You Moving

We all remember our first one with fondness. That first taste of independence and freedom. You can’t buy that feeling. Cars and motorcycles are our right of passage, so when it comes to maintaining what we can, it’s important to have the right tools on our side.

All vehicles, whether our first or thirty-first will need some type of repairs from time to time. There is a lot we can do ourselves with the right product, fit for purpose and reliable.

Hard plastics, bumpers, interior, and exterior light covers, side mirrors, and door handles can all be fixed safely and without hassle.

Whether to sell or to keep forever and hand it down to your kids, repairs to a vehicle can be done with a professional look at half the price a repairer may charge.

Car parts are expensive and can take time to arrive from where they are manufactured.

Why wait?

Try a bit of DIY. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’re back on the road.

Fix It for Someone Else

Sometimes items can be fixed to pass them on to those who may need them more than you.

Donating goods is a wonderful thing to do for your community and ensures people who need the goods get items that have a lot of life left. Whether that is toys, or furniture any items that you want to fix for yourself can also be repaired and donated.

What kinds of things can you fix to donate?

Bicycles are probably one of the most common. All kids grow out of their bikes. Use glue to fix seats, re-adhere stickers that are peeling, and re-attached those grips with glues that make it easy.

Clothing is another donation always welcomed. Hem pants and shirts that may otherwise have been thrown away. Glue can help re-attached embroidery pulls, and craft glues will bring back vintage clothing to life.

There’s a large market for babies and kids’ clothes, so fix it, don’t throw it.

Check out your nearest donation centers, goodwill, and thrift stores then start fixing.

Give Glue a Chance

Ok peace, move over. We need to give glue a chance too.

Today we have such a large range of glues and sealants available for repairing, crafting, and sealing. From construction use to crafting, and DIY enthusiasts’ solutions, there are epoxies, polymers, silicones, and super glues ready and willing. Each of them is all, quite literally, at our fingertips.

We know that some things can’t be saved, but for the things that can be, give glue a chance.
For everything around the home, the car, and the garage, there’s the perfect glue for you out there.

Save money and keep your things longer?

Sounds like a win-win.

Take a second look at those pieces of furniture, appliances, or plastic items that are earmarked for the trash. You just might have a chance to breathe life into them once again. Contact us today and check out our range of adhesive solutions.