Look Who’s Caulking: 7 Incredible Uses for Silicone Caulk

Look Who’s Caulking: 7 Incredible Uses for Silicone Caulk

Want flexibility without the yoga mat? We’ve got your back.

There are no downward dog moves here. What we have is a one-stop-shop solution for household, construction, automobile build, and repairs along with some things you may never have thought of.

So, what’s our secret?

Silicone caulk.

Two small words. One heck of a problem solver. Silicone caulk is truly a versatile and handy thing to have within reach.

Let’s see why.

1. Construction Without Restriction

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Repairing seals and cracks around windows, baseboards, door frames, and even stairs can grow to become a larger issue if left.

A silicone-based caulk will fix and secure the area. Especially in those places where a bit of flexibility is still needed, silicone caulks will prove to be the go-to product.

Metals, glass, ceramic wood, and plastic are just some of the surfaces silicone caulk can be partnered with.

Look around your home. The areas where silicone can be the best choice for repair and prevention of long-term problems are trying to get your attention.

For both large and small projects, on any common or heavy use surfaces, it’s an easy choice.

2. Silicone Your Ride

Did you know there are areas on your vehicle that can be repaired with silicone caulk?

Windows, rear glass, and windshields are one part of any vehicle where silicone is used, but there are many others. Anywhere that requires a gap to be filled for emergency reasons, or permanent application where reliability is essential, silicone caulk has it covered.

Rubber hoses, seals, weather strips and trim in general can all benefit from this simple to use, versatile automotive solution.

3. A Pests Worst Enemy

Opportunistic little things, aren’t they? Pests of all kinds will sneak up when you least expect it.

It’s time to ensure they stay on their own turf. Using a silicone caulk can be all you need to block the passage for small insects like ants, spiders, and others who like to infiltrate through gaps.

When you still need the movement flexibility, with the added benefit of being useful for both inside the home and out.

I’ll bet there’s a spot right now that can be reclaimed. It only takes a minute to make pests much less of a problem.

4. BBQ Anyone?

Did you know you can use silicone for areas of high heat? Yes, there is a solution for that grill that needs some attention.

High heat appliances need not be unfixable any longer. Don’t throw them out – fix them with silicone caulk.

Flexible, no crack sealants, and strong are what is required for ovens, barbeques, and heaters.

High temperatures are a breeze with a heat-resistant silicone product.

5. For All Things Diverse

Who says silicone caulk should be boring? Well, in fact, it’s largely unknown, but silicone has a life of its own. A growing underground group of citizens finding uses for silicone caulks causing eyebrows to lift, and thumbs to rise with the call of “why didn’t I think of that?”

Urban legend? Neighborhood myth?

We think not.

Step aside all you boring caulks. Silicone is the new black.

Consider these tricks to make your life easier and put a smile on your face.

  • Protecting What’s Yours
    Applying silicone under heavy items can prevent them from scratching your wooden floors or tiles surfaces. Many people have discovered that this simple application at the bottom of heavy planters, and porch furniture saves time and money it costs to repair or replace deep scratches.
  • Got Rugs?
    A small application on the rear of a carpet or rug can prevent slipping on hard surfaces.
    Once dried the silicone acts as a grip. No more straightening the rugs five times a day.
    Also, this is a great option for pet beds for the same reason. Make them a little easier to jump into. No more sliding Rover.
  • One For the Crafters
    Crafting is big business in the US, with people looking to use and reuse household items or create new and interesting things from scratch.
    If you love to decorate objects, silicone caulk can be used to create patterns and designs on glass, canvas, and wood for the ultimate homemade artwork. Everything old is new again, at some stage.
6. Silicone Dominates Wet Areas

Kitchens and bathrooms make up most of the reasons homeowners and contractors use silicone caulk. Repairs to and newly built wet areas need products that will repel water and form a seal that is reliable and not easily damaged.

In bathrooms, this is where the rubber meets the road, or rather where the glass meets the tile. Not only does silicone provide a flexible, and safe seal, but it has the flexibility to move when required.

Porcelain and granite areas in bathrooms and kitchens partner well with silicone, so much so that in fact it remains one of the most used products in both areas for wear and tear repairs.

7. The Outdoor Champion

Why should we consider using silicone caulk outdoors?

The main reason would be to keep out the elements. Rain, dust, and outside debris can all infiltrate our homes, so why not stop it from where it begins. Continued moisture will cause further damage and cause structural harm.

Weather exposed areas like porches, kids tree houses, and play equipment whether made from aluminum, or wood, ceramics, outdoor planters, and glass brick constructions can all be repaired with a silicone caulk application.

For DIYers, construction professionals, crafters or automotive enthusiasts, there’s an application to suit everyone.

Home repairs need reliable products and those who use them need the correct and fit-for-purpose solution for every job.

We know it’s a great thing to have on your side. Soon you will too.

Get some today.

National adhesive brings you years of experience and the best advice. Better than that we have the products to back it up. Contact us today for the silicones available for your projects.