The Right Glue Can Fix Your Car and Get You Back On The Road

the right glue can fix your car and get you back on the road - National Adhesive blog - car repairs

The Right Glue Can Fix Your Car and Get You Back On The Road

To know them is to love them.

Cars play an important part in our lives. From our first to our last, a vehicle represents a lot of things, and much more than simply getting us from point A to point B.

Feeling our first taste of independence, freedom of movement to travel around the country, or the planning of that long-awaited road trip. They all have the vehicle as the common denominator.

Whatever part your car plays in your world, it can be assured that it is an important one.
Naturally, we want our cars to last a while. The care and attention we put in will help this quite a bit.

When things need fixing, we need to be ready. Minor car repairs can be quite simple if we have the right companions on hand. Glues are that partnership.

So, what glue do you want to ride with? Let’s look at a few areas of maintenance and … more than suitable with the right glue on hand.

Bring Back Your Interior

Look up. What’s that? Headliner coming loose? That’s an easy fix. Like many interior parts and details of a vehicle, a general-purpose adhesive will make short work of most areas that need a bit of tender loving care. The best thing about the range of GlueAngel products? They don’t need clamping, are heat and water-resistant (bonus), and are quick bonding.

Fabric seams can also be mended with glue that bonds quickly. Prevent the tear from getting any worse and use an adhesive that is quick to fix without delay.

Dashboard cracks or splits can remain in one piece if you apply a glue that can take those types of hard plastics.

Once you see these little jobs, you can’t unsee them. They have a way of creeping up on you so fix them once and for all.

All interior wear and tear can be fixed quickly and without any fuss. That’s what we all want right? Get it done so we can begin to follow those lines on the road once more.

Any interior areas where time has made them tired can be fixed with the right glue.

Fix My Exterior

Got wood on the sides? Congratulations, you’re driving a classic. For those low-flying family road trips there’s nothing more recognizable than the family wagon. For the older models, repairs to the siding and trim can easily be rectified using glue suited for car fixes.

Rubber trim can benefit from a decent glue too. Forget double-sided tape for these types of repairs, it won’t last, mainly due to the weather, dirt, dust and road grime your car is subjected to every day.

Fill and reinforce hard plastic, cracks and damage on headlights covers, wheel covers, plastic or rubber bumpers and mirrors. There’s a lot you can do with the right glue.

What About Internally?

The heart of your machine also needs attention from time to time. An industrial bond is what you need here for a solution when repairs are required on grills, radiators, and their caps. Also useful is glue that can handle a split on a hose until you can get it replaced.

What else? All metal surfaces need something tried and tested, and reliable. Metal casings that are cracked on cars and motorbikes will be repaired in no time with the best in the business, GlueAngel Gbond.

The Right Glue for the Job

What makes some glues more suitable than others? It’s about their composition. Less or more viscosity is sometimes the difference between what’s right for your job and what will not work. Also, a quick bonding solution that doesn’t need clamping will be preferential for those quick fixes.

Suitability, ability to take weather conditions and differences in heat all play a part in whether your repair work will hold up to all kinds of pressure.

So, what should you be looking for in glue for vehicle repairs?

Start with a glue that will give you long-term results. Looking for glues that will take all your vehicle is subjected to, will keep you happier overall.

What makes a glue last the test of time? Flexibility in the composition is key to having repairs last more than for an emergency quick-fix solution. Rigid materials won’t hold up to moving and shaking parts of your car.

What else?

How about weather conditions, or simply washing your car? Both can have an impact on repairs that stay where you need them to. Rain, snow, and heat may affect any adhesive so it’s important to get it right.

Lastly, it may seem unimportant in the scheme of things but how the adhesive is applied can and the time it takes to set will make all the difference to your frustration levels. Easy to use applicators get overlooked but are important in saving time and money.

Waste No Time and Save a Dollar

We’ve all done it. Choose an option that isn’t suitable for the application intended.

Intentions are good, but no one wants to waste time, or money on products just not up for the job.

While double-sided tape might work around your home, and rope and strings will no doubt secure most things in the garage, car repairs require their own types of suitable products.

The moral of the story? Car repairs need attention and the right products fit for purpose.

Give them the attention they deserve.

We rely on our cars, so it makes sense when some minor repairs need to be carried out that we find the best solution and one that works the first time.
From cosmetic fixes to emergency on-the-spot- repairs, we can rely on glues to get us back on the road.

Why replace what you can repair? Your wallet will soon know the difference.

We’ll help get you back on the road. Check out our range of glues suitable for your vehicle’s repair work.