Get THICC’d – The Secret Behind Retailer Smiles and Contractor Satisfaction

Get THICC’d – The Secret Behind Retailer Smiles and Contractor Satisfaction

Construction projects need extraordinary products.

Specialized contractor grade, custom-designed to meet needs and industry standards with the bonus of actually working the first time need not be on your ‘would be good to have ’ list.

Seems like too much to ask for? Not anymore.

This is where THICC products get down to business. This range of adhesive and sealants is serious about what they deliver, with a little bit of cheeky thrown in.

You can’t be sticky without it.

Let us introduce the THICC range.

Who Needs THICC

Suppliers and users within the construction and renovation industry have a lot in common.

Contractors rely on the best products available, and retailers need to source that stock based on the simple supply and demand mindset that leads to the success of any business.

Contractors are relied upon to carry out assessment and remediation of a building’s construction or renovation and need relationships with partnering suppliers that understand their needs.

Hardware retailers need to know quite a bit about what is important for those who use the product.
Together everyone is happier. If there’s a divide, that disconnect needs a remedy.


Problem solved.

The Right Stuff for Contractors

Contractors unite. Now there’s a product line that offers the sticky you need without the hassle you don’t. No more searching for structural adhesives and tape that don’t do what they are supposed to do.

Get your hands on the best in the business.

For Structural Adhesion and Sealing

Hybrid technology at its best with one-part elastomeric sealant/adhesive THICC AF Roofers is designed to handle environmental temperature changes, and weather conditions without worry.

It won’t shrink like other polyurethanes, and solvent-based sealants, and will not degrade over time or turn yellow.

Providing a watertight seal, with vibration handling and a secure bond, this is a roofer’s dream.

Available in colors to suit your job – Black, White, Bronze and Sandstone.

Want more options ? get the same benefits but choose THICC AF in a clear compound.

Builders, bring along all you will need in a construction adhesive with THICC AF Builders solution.
This one component high-strength sealant is the strongest of all Montage sealants.
The initial tack sets in at five seconds and will adhere to just about anything.

Use this solution for projects that require strong adhesion for materials like metals, aluminum, cornices, concrete, paneling, glass, and all kinds of kitchen work.

It’s the perfect adhesive for your day-to-day use.
Got a painting job?
Preparation is everything so bring along THICC AS Painters Acrylic Sealant.

Use of use and easy to clean up, this one compound sealant is paintable and can be used on projects involving assembling wood, any prefabricated jobs that need a strong and reliable sealant, PVC, or aluminum work.

Sounds good?
You won’t need anything else.

Retailers Get THICC

Hardware retailers want the best they can get for their customers.


Because happy customers create happy business owners.
What makes hardware store customers happy? Quality is important and knowing what works for what job helps reduce time-wasting for contractors and helps retailers understand what products move off the shelves and why.

Why Hardware Stores Need to Get it Right

Once contractors find a product, they are happy with, they will stick to it. An intuitive retailer will learn what the best is, and what can be left off their inventory permanently.

It’s important to keep up with new products on the market, and those that exceed the expectation of people who use them.

Also important is knowing you, as the go-to retailer has stock of what is needed, for every job, when it’s needed. Learning about the products, who are the manufacturers, and the story behind the brand can only bring a retailer a better understanding, and further knowledge of the lines sold.

This knowledge can be passed on to the buyers.

Customers hold certain regard for those who understand their needs and can advise and point them in the right direction.

In the end, it is a simple equation. What works for contractors equates to what works for your business.

Are you a retailer? Does your product line reflect your customer’s current needs and wants?

THICC – the only construction adhesive range you’ll ever need.

Keep everyone happy, the first time.

The Right Move for Everyone

The hardware business is a growing industry of which retailers are proud to be a part of. New construction is increasing so it makes sense that products need to have the quality needed to keep up, but new construction is not the only field in which reliable structural bonding is needed.

With an emphasis on repairing in favor of replacing, homeowners, contractors, and home improvement connoisseurs also want quality products they can trust but in addition, want the assistance and approachability to learn about what adhesive is right for them.

Understanding the products and what their best use is can be very confusing for contractors, retailers, or anyone that has a use for adhesives.

A company that has a primary goal to reduce this confusion is now a major player.

Making adhesives & sealants easy is behind every decision National Adhesive makes. It’s the foundation of why they do what they do.

National Adhesive has and continues to work closely with the customer to develop products that not only meet standards and codes but actually work in the real world.

If these products could talk, what would they say? Luckily for the user, they don’t need any words. The quintessential strong, silent types.

The THICC range, in all its forms, doesn’t just sit there looking pretty. They work for a living.

Evolving through technological advances and truly understanding what the customer needs THICC offers reliability while still keeping a good mix of versatility for every user is a hard thing to do.

THICC accomplishes that with ease.

The contractor’s brand now has accessibility for all users.

From both a retailer and a customer point of view this is a win-win.

Are you a contractor or a retailer? Feel free to reach out for the best advice on our product lines and what suits your next job. Contact us today.