6 Ways Adhesives Can Improve Your Outdoor Patio Experience


6 Ways Adhesives Can Improve Your Outdoor Patio Experience

Love the outdoors? You’re not alone. Even if it’s your own backyard, there is something about taking in that fresh air, morning, or night. But where? The perfect place is a little closer than you may think. Our outdoor spaces, including patios can hold a lot of what we are looking for.

What better place to make your house feel like a home than outside in your own private space?

If your patio is looking a bit worse for wear, don’t worry,

There are ways to get it looking its best. So, where do we start? With the right kinds of adhesive, of course.

The right products can repair, help decorate and bring back your space to the way it used to feel.

Do you have a patio that could do with some time spent rejuvenating it? When those sun-filled months and sultry nights are approaching, you owe it to yourself and your private spaces to show some love.

Isn’t time your transformed yours?

Restore Broken Patio Furniture

Life happens, right? Before you know it your once new patio furniture is looking a bit tired. You can restore it correctly and securely with the right glues. For wooden legs forget the nail bag and look for a fit-for-purpose all-encompassing adhesive.

GlueAngel Screw It is the only thing you’ll need for fixing those broken chair legs and table joinery that have become loose and unstable over the years.

Metal furniture doesn’t need to be thrown away either. All you need is glue that works. Check out the best solutions for outdoor furniture. Glues that are easy to use, work as you expect, and save time, should be in your sights so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor furniture again.

In this built-to-replace world we live in, it is nice to bring something back to be reused again and again.

Fix it, don’t flick it.

There’s still life in the old dog yet.


Bring Out Your Hidden Decorator

Feeling crafty?

You can get the whole family involved with this project. Decking banisters, tabletops, and planters can all do with a bit of brightening up from time to time, and if you or your kids and friends like the idea of making the dull into something festive and…. this could be the perfect project.

Try the Delicate Touch range of adhesive and super glues. Glue pebbles onto plastic pots, bejewel these boring cushions with a pirate’s treasure of gems.

Get your craft on and brighten up your patio space with the best glue for the job.

Easy-to-use glues that hit the spot the first time will make you wonder why you hadn’t done this before.

For the decorating spirit in all of us.


Transform Your Plant Life

Potted plants can make your outdoor space. They bring a freshness and a life back into any patio, after all, they are living, breathing things.

Plastic, ceramic, wooden planters, and terracotta pots need a bit of tender loving care too at times.

Fix cracks in all types of plant holders to make them watertight once again.

Glue ceramic pots back together, replant an overgrown tree into a bigger and brighter home that will liven up your private space.

Ahh, the serenity.

Get A-Grillin’

If your grill or smoker is letting out the precious heat due to cracks, get it back in full working order with an adhesive that can withstand the pressures of heat and temperature.

GBond is just what you need for these jobs. Fix your outdoor grill easier, without fuss.

An industrial adhesive powerhouse is now available for the everyday Joe.

Now, where’s the steak.


No More Patio Blues

Got creaky wood? Hey, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes all the problems may be a bit of separation between wood joins and after a while, they start to rub each other the wrong way. Restore their lifelong bond with a glue specifically suited to fractured outdoor relationships. No need for nails here either.

Glue it.

Tile cracks and replacements can be fixed with glue that holds strong and fast. High-traffic areas may see the most wear and tear. Reduce the tripping chances with a fastening adhesive that will get that vinyl flat where it should be and stop that rocking tile you’ve been meaning to get to.

Too easy!

Improve the Worth of Your Home

We spend a lot of time in our homes. We raise families, share the good times, and offer support in the bad ones, so it stands to reason that not only is a home the biggest purchase of our lives, but a significant feature of our very existence.

Maintaining a property is very important, not just from a dollar value point of view, but from an emotional standpoint. How we feel about our indoors and outdoors can be a complicated thing, how keeping them looking their best is key to feeling good about our environment

Glue can help bring your outdoor spaces back to where they deserve to be. Whether it’s a few areas or a full revamp of your outdoor space there are glues for every job.

All-purpose and ready to go. You need at least one in your home repair and maintenance kit.

Start and finish with the best and you won’t go wrong.

Value and worth mean different things to different people. What’s the value of your space?


It’s all hands-on deck. A weekend warrior project or a family affair with a BBQ at the end to reward yourselves for a great collaborative and restorative effort, you will soon find that this becomes so much more than just a few fix-it jobs.

Being outside boosts mood, gets your blood pumping, and is somehow stress relieving to work in the open air on a patio project that will benefit everyone in your life.

What a difference a glue makes! Sound like a song? You’ll be singing along in no time.


Feeling inspired? To find the best glues for your renewed patio project look no further than National Adhesive. Contact us for the best products to suit every job both indoors and out.