5 Adhesive Applications to Protect Your Home During the Rainy Spring Season

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5 Adhesive Applications to Protect Your Home During the Rainy Spring Season

Ahh, the rains. Spring showers, sudden storms sending us scrambling for cover, and inclement forecasts forcing a rethink on our outdoor plans. We all have memories born from the way in which Spring weather affects.

But water has two sides, one welcoming.

Water is the lifeblood for all living things, but it leads two lives.

For your home it can mean certain destruction if not monitored and not allowed to infiltrate the biggest material asset in your life.

Whether running through the pipes or falling from the heavens, adhesives can be a rescuer from the damaging side of the rainy season.

Put the right adhesives in action around your home, and you too will be singing in the rain.

Guttering Is Your Home’s Best Friend

We need them. They transfer water along our homes and direct it to where it should be going. It makes sense to ensure all gutters are free from debris and are not leaking at any join. Treat them right and they will make sure your house is dry even in the wettest season.

Gutters and piping, it’s imperative that water can drain away from your home. Excess water will more than likely lead to long tern issues if left unchecked. When things go wrong and splits or cracks develop, glues that contain an element suitable for outdoors and adverse weather conditions are perfect for directing water to where it should be.

Fix those little problems with super easy bonding glue. GlueAngel will have those annoying gutter leaks on the run.

Ensure the water that runs down guttering leads away to sufficient drainage points to ensure foundations stay as dry as possible. It is the structural damage from water build-up in and around any home that will prove to be an expensive mistake.

From Side to Side

Over time, a home’s siding can become loose or even damaged and begin to let rainwater creep in behind. Sometimes it’s time that creates damage, sometimes it is the impact from stray footballs, that all may seem insignificant at the time.

What’s the result? Mold for one, Water is a great friend of mold, working hand in hand to produce health-affecting nasties no one wants as a house guest.

Regular check siding to ensure there is no water hiding in cracks, or unsealed areas that will let it in and no holes or tears that will cause issues down the road.

If you find something, fix it with the right kind of adhesive.

GlueAngel’s Screw It will provide a no-nails-required option for the purposes of getting any loose or damaged siding back in place.

Quick and easy, it’s one to have on hand for all those jobs that need a tough solution.

For wood, aluminum, stucco, or vinyl, you’ll be glad you have it.

Roofing – Your Home’s First Line of Defense

They keep us safe and the weather off our heads. Our roofs are synonymous with safety, and comfort. Keep the roof over your head and have an adhesive remedy wherever you see issues.

Water can damage your roof in a few ways. It is inclined to get trapped and become very comfortable in pooling where no one will notice.

After time, this water leads to additional weight, causing collapse, or simply mold and mildew. Unsightly, yes, but most importantly it’s a health hazard for everyone in your home.

Checking roofing for cracks in tiles, damage from trees and other debris, and even local wildlife who determine you have the best nesting spot on the block is the best way to ensure seasonal rain doesn’t infiltrate your home.

Your home repair kit should contain the best adhesive for the job.

Try a fit-for-purpose roofing adhesive. Weather-resistant and made for the professional market, it is now available for anyone who cares about regular home maintenance.

Got skylights. Leaks in the seals can result in water dripping, causing damage to the ceiling, a lot of times these types of leaks go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Inspecting any modifications to roofs and ceilings, whether installed by a professional or by your own skilled DIY hands still requires inspection from time to time.

Once in a while, look up. You may find some interesting things.

Windows and Door Cracks

We’ve all heard that whipping wind, playing havoc with anything not tied down, and trying its best to get inside. Well in the spring sometimes those winds bring a friend along to the party.

While those winds may cause an annoying chilly draft, rain is more the silent, sneaky type.

Through the smallest crack in doors and windows, moisture can warp, rust, and hide finding those weakest defenses.

Take away its advantage with an adhesive purposeful in its approach and well-suited for such a sneaky infiltrator.

How rude! At least the wind has the decency to knock, shake and rattle your home.

Rain doesn’t care.

Use Adhesives for Other Outdoor Opportunities

There are many outdoor areas that need protection from water. Rain is unpredictable so it makes sense to make potential water issues a part of your check-off list for yearly, or even monthly maintenance.

Think of it like neighborhood watching for yourself.

Patios, pergola cracks, splits in wooden decks, and even planters that have seen better days can all be fixed to withstand the rain without too much time and hassle for you.

What will you be looking for this season?

Taking some simple steps in your home maintenance regime can help prevent costly and heartbreaking damage to your home.

Water damage can strike the unsuspecting and teach a lesson you don’t you’ll never want to sit through ever again.

Note down all the possible elements of your home, inside and out that may need extra care during the rainy season.

Rain, while a joyous refreshing, and life-giving aspect of mother nature doesn’t discriminate, and can be a cruel mistress if given the chance to infiltrate your home.

The right adhesives can mean the difference between making a weekend out of home repairs or spending months dealing with quotations for bigger damage.

The best in DIY and home maintenance and renovation now comes in small but powerful packages.

See for yourself the impact they can have on your maintenance costs.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us or visit us for our range of ready to use DIY and builder-friendly products for your home. Keep its value, and your sanity intact