Why Every Roofing Professional Needs THICC Brand Speciality Products

Why Every Roofing Professional Needs THICC Brand Speciality Products

Roofing contractors are called upon, literally to put up, fix and secure a roof over our heads. As the construction industry continues to grow roofers with the right stuff and an even better understanding of both their role in the industry, and what the market provides in terms of tools of trade will always be a sought after commodity. But roofers have some expectations of their own. Standards that need to be met and more importantly the products they use and the requirement that they tick every box.

This profession is a two-way street. One side lined with products geared toward the trending and possibly the waving-you-in discounted retailer’s efforts, with the other side being a whole different ball game. A professional roofer has standards, history, and protocol many would find too much.

So, when roofers need the right solutions, who they gonna call?

Why Professionals Need the Best

Not all adhesives are created equal.

A contractor may go through a lot of brands before they stick with one and for a roofing contractor, there’s a lot to think about.

Temperature changes, weather extremes and seasonal changes all affect an adhesive’s ability to do its job properly. Fortunately, there are products that remove that concern from a roofer’s mind.

What Kinds of products do roofers need in their kit?

Sticky and strong is a given but some buckle under pressure. Difference in size for the job at hand mean a selection is a great thing to have. Choosing between four inch and six inch means the right fit without waste and overuse. UV stable? Yes please.

What’s the difference? The fact the tape is waterproof and holds up to that promise makes a great deal of difference when this is needed. Whether an emergency fix or a permanent bond the right tapes are a roofer essential to hold tight while other works are being completed, or to ensure the water keeps on its own side of the fence.

It’s all about the compound. Hybrid technology to provide a one-part, elastomeric sealant/adhesive that will perform in a variety of demanding environments and applications without degrading.

A One-part, non-slump, moisture cure sealant/adhesive that cures to form a tough rubber with long-term flexibility and durability.

A brand that delivers more than the standard. You know the old saying – Always leave them wanting more.

Get THICC’d and Don’t Look Back

Roofing tapes and structural adhesives are made with the professional contractor in mind, sure, that must be a given. What the pros may not have known is that THICC goes beyond that.

The creators of the THICC line of products have asked “what do you need”?


Yes. This approach is almost unheard of in a world where many industries are happy to tell you what you need.

That’s where National Adhesive, the company that brings you THICC products is different.

Consultation is key.

Products to not only do the job but meet every code and standard to ensure roofers get what they need, but also meet the expectation of the profession. An understanding of the products used, for what purpose, and the actual user’s point of interest are invaluable when creating a line of products that roofing contractors will be happy to carry with them, always.

The result?

Products that are talked about, shared, and are the go-to for any roofing application.

What It takes to Be a Professional Roofer

So, what are the expectations for a roofer in terms of product knowledge and their performance? That’s easy.

You must know what works best for every single job.

What do roofers look for?

It pays to fact-check. See what’s happening out there in the world of structural roof adhesives and products. Who’s who in the zoo. Who’s the best in the business.

It makes sense, right?

A roofer’s reputation is everything, and it goes far beyond the personality of an individual, their professional credentials and the local or overall industry’s respect. All these things are important, but it’s how they do their job, and the tools they use for their trade that make or break them as a professional.

Guess what?

Roofers can’t have all that without the best products on their side.

All projects whether DIY or major construction will require certain understanding of what needs to be done and the best solution. These things will change with the type of roofing, the materials a roofer is working with, and the kind of construction job on hand.

On the other end of that scale, are the non-negotiables. Sticky that works, and works the first time would be primary, after all, roofers need a secure product line that holds tight.

Why Homeowners and Construction Companies Look for Quality Roofers

Roofers who use quality materials as a contractor are a preference over others. Those who choose to use lesser quality brands that don’t stand the test of time will certainly be overlooked when it comes to putting roofs over people’s heads.

Think about it. The roof of any dwelling must last many years, withstand the conditions of that particular part of the country, and be a safe place for all who reside under it.

Having a great team of installers won’t compensate for issues with quality of the products a professional roofer uses to complete the job.

At the end of the day, it’s all about trust. Trust in a brand, trust in the product, and a trust that using THICC will only enhance the reputation of professional roofers.

No matter what roof needs repairing or building from shingle style, to standard wooden or steel construction, they all require the best products to keep them safe and sound.

A professional roofer needs everything in one place at the one time, with little toleration for anything less.

Are you a roofer looking for the best in structural adhesive, fit for-purpose and sticky enough to loyalty that will challenge even your best buddies’? Seek out THICC. We can show you the best for roofers in a product line you’ll never want to be without.