6 Benefits of Seam & Flashing Tapes for Commercial Projects

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6 Benefits of Seam & Flashing Tapes for Commercial Projects

Seam and flashing tapes are one of those building products that are not widely known outside of the construction industry. Tapes are one of those professional use products that are not always in the foreground but play an essential part in both large and small projects. For commercial construction, their relevance and application makes a job complete.

Seam and flashing tapes remain the strong silent partner in building commercial projects.

So, what do contractors look for in tapes made solely to enhance the strength and viability of every project?

Reliability, dependability and built for purpose.

Can all these things be found in one product line?

We say yes.

Just say THICC.

For when you don’t need all the noise and talk, you just need the best. Let’s take a look at the benefits of seam and flashing tape for commercial projects.

Keeping Out What Isn’t Welcome

Keeping out potential problems down the line is the main role of seam and flashing tapes. Avoiding damage from moisture and pollutants even excessive air means a higher level of protection all commercial projects need.

Consider the damage water does to any construction.

Moisture warps and lessens the strength of wood and other materials and causes corrosion. Water damage leads down a path of destruction unacceptable for commercial, or any other projects.

Seam and flashing tapes are a force field against moisture infiltration.

The Application Advantage

So, what can we expect from this superhero product?

That’s easy. All jobs in any construction project can benefit from the best seam and flashing tape

  • Seal around roof seams, and keep moisture from penetrating windows, doors and all joinery that may be vulnerable over time.
  • These tapes are a must have for areas of nailing, stapling or where screws are used for permanent fixing.
  • Seam and flashing tape work where other adhesives may fail due to low temperature tolerance. These tapes stick wherever needed, permanently and without loss of adhesion when the weather becomes inclement.
  • Incredible sealing in all types of conditions
  • Easy to install
  • The potential to extend the life of all projects
The Features of Strength

What else makes seam and flashing tape a builder’s best insurance policy?

  • Self-adhering. Offers pressure sensitivity and an immediate bonding seal
  • The best water protection in tape form
  • Made of a polyolefin film with an acrylic adhesive
  • Better than ordinary adhesives where a permanent bond is required, without fail
  • UV resistant for more than the average tapes
  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions, both extreme hot and cold environments
  • AAMA 711-20 Level 3 Certified. An additional bonus knowing the best has a standard expected and delivered.
The Quiet Achiever

So, we now know many of the attributes of what seam and flashing tape does for the strength of a building, the formidable qualities not found in other tapes, and the reasons for its use, but there’s one thing you might not have known about this unassuming product.

As we know, these tapes keep out moisture, unwanted air, dust particles and other nasties that will affect the build, but this tape has a lesser-known bonus.

For both home and commercial construction, seam and flashing tape helps with energy efficiency.


Taping gaps and any openings ensure there is a tighter seal allowing a reduction in heating and air-conditioning costs.

Commercial buildings require a whole lot of energy and construction now has the added consideration of becoming more energy efficient.

It may seem like a little thing, but commercial construction now sees this energy cost saving as a part of the marketing of newer buildings. This is an enticement for property buyers now looking to meet the demands of companies wanting a 21st century social nod of approval.

Forever Fortified With THICC

Wanna build a fort? There are not many of us who haven’t done this childhood activity or participated as a parent, but what do pillows, blankets, furniture and cardboard boxes have in common with today’s constructions?

Only everything.

The aim is to be impenetrable. To protect and safeguard us and the walls surrounding us.

Roofing contractors rely on the strength of this product. As the keepers of our comfort and security, it is essential that all kinds of roofing materials are at their peak of strength.

Designed to cover the gap between roof sheathing to safeguard from all kinds of unwanted infiltration,
THICC Acrylic Tape meets the standards of the FORTIFIED Home – a program of the IBHS.

THICC Acrylic Tape meets the standards of the FORTIFIED Home – a program of the IBHS.

This is not a quick fix, band-aid product line.

This is serious tape.

To learn more about this new standard visit the website. The 2020 FORTIFIED Home standard is effective for projects from November 1, 2021. Download it here.

A History Without Seam and Flashing Tape

The benefits of innovation and the efforts of a dedicated adhesive company pave the way for such advances in sticky that works the first time.

We have a lot to be grateful for. The likelihood that roofers and builders can now have a tape purpose-built as the best alternative for specific projects has been one the industry certainly applauds.

Having the best seam and flashing tapes make the project easier and brings about a more professional finish.

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on all commercial products is important. The strength, protection, and viability of any construction project depends on it.

Check out our information and data sheets on THICC’s range of seal and flashing tapes. Contact us for any advice you may need to make your project the strongest it can be.