6 Incredible Uses for THICC AS Acrylic Sealant in Industrial Applications

6 Incredible Uses for THICC AF Acrylic Sealant in Industrial Applications

One of the biggest users of acrylic sealants is the construction industry. Whether contractors working on renovations, builders working on a new commercial premise or newly built homes, sealant plays a major role in the preservation of buildings and the elimination of future restorative work.

It stands to reason that when the job is done right, corrective work becomes a thing of the past.

So where is an acrylic sealant used and for what reason?

A low-key but relied upon performer, acrylic sealants are a must-have for every industrial purpose.

1. Indoor Partnerships

So, when indoors from the cold and elements, where is an acrylic sealant used inside a building?

Gaps in wooden flooring, stair treads or any ceramic or tiled surface will fare well from THICC acrylic sealant. Bonding and sealing prefabricated cabinets or furniture for further strength, aluminum joinery, PVC and even iron are some other applications suitable for this sealant.

Industrial applications vary for this powerhouse product, but all have the same outcome.

A strong bond, designed to keep its stick, last through all that will be thrown at it and deflect enemies where others will not.

2. Constructive Additions

What more can this champion of the building industry offer?

Quite a bit.

While there are plenty of uses for acrylic sealants in large commercial projects, the building industry plays a part in a range of construction projects.

Seen to solve widely known accommodation problems, contractors today are called up for more modern-day solutions.

Granny flats, garage apartments and in-law extensions have become a growing commercial enterprise.

Acrylic sealants hold their own in smaller industrial projects just as well as the larger ones. Their use covers these project needs far more than many other products.

These projects may be scaled down in size but the need for straight to the point products never goes away.

3. Seal Those Doors and Windows Tight

Sealants, especially acrylic ones are the go-to for windows and doors that require a seal, strong and built for the purpose of their frames. Long lasting and fast curing is what is expected given the importance of this aspect of any building.

Acrylic sealers get the job done with the strength to keep out the debris, pollutants and foreign particles that find their way in with the potential to cause damage over time.

4. For Pathways and Parking Areas

The driveway, and parking areas of a home or building take a lot of abuse and are expected to handle the pace of everyday traffic. Subjected to constant activity, driveways and parking bays are taken for granted in the bigger overall picture of construction, when in fact they are many times, the sole entranceway.

Brick, concrete, or even wooden framing in a pathway surround, needs a strong sealant when closing gaps and remedying older cracks and damage that may have formed over time.

Enter Acrylic sealant.

For both undercover spaces and outdoor areas, contractors use acrylic sealant. THICC sealant brings a contractor a solution for first time construction and a fit-for purpose go-to for remedial work.

5. Up Up and Away

Did you know acrylic surface sealants have been used on runways? Yes, the compound makes it extremely useful for cracks and damage that develop on cement, and the tarmac surfaces. As you can imagine, a runway gets served with an enormous amount of traffic and pressure from not only aircraft but the larger refueling vehicles, luggage loading and catering trucks that frequent the same arena.

That is a good pedigree and just one more thing that makes an acrylic compound so trusted as a tough professional sealant.

6. A Weather Resistant Powerhouse

An acrylic sealant mends and protects from water infiltration and the damage it can do over time. Mostly we don’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late.

Warping of wood and mold spores multiplying is the enemy of every builder, renovator, and DIY enthusiast.

When water is your nemesis, the right acrylic sealant will send it packing. Water damage will destroy any construction. From tree houses to commercial premises, moisture can turn out to be an insidious and uninvited guest.

What’s in a Name

So, what is this magical elixir? Thankfully, there is no sorcery to it.

Mostly used in construction for sealing gaps, jointing and cracks they are considered a type of caulk and even known as a type of grout.

Odorless, flexible, and easily painted once cured, acrylic sealants are quite common and are relied upon due to the versatility they bring to a builder’s kit.

What is THICC AF

This professional strength acrylic sealant is a one component powerhouse design specifically to do what sealants do best. Seal and protect, permanently.

This product is highly resistant to degradation, which usually is in the form of environmental infiltrators.

Foreign particles be warned. You’re not getting past THICC Acrylic sealant. Curing time is the lowest possible attained which means one thing. The job is done sooner, with better results.

Flexible, easy to use and paintable is the new industry standard that delivers above and beyond expectations.


It works the first time.

What’s better than that? It’s also easy to clean up.

Time is money. There’s none wasted with THICC Acrylic Sealant.

What Makes THICC Stick

Technological advances in adhesives and sealants have come a long way. New compounds mean no mess, no hazards, and no more worries.

The most common issue most contractors have with new products or even older known ones is their ability to give consistency.

For a contractor wanting a household professional grade sealant, guess where they turn?

A company that puts its vision, dedication, and know-how into listening to what is needed, developing products with the user in mind, and delivering exactly that.

The best doesn’t come quickly, it takes time. Now you needn’t wait any longer.

Need the best acrylic sealant in your arsenal. Choose the best. THICC Sealants will be the one you reach for every time. Contact us for your nearest stockist or simply visit us here to check out the range. Start with the best, and you’ll never look back.