Why Auto Professionals Trust GlueAngel

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Why Auto Professionals Trust GlueAngel

There are over 180,000 auto mechanics employed in the United States at last count. That’s a lot of people dedicated to the pursuit of freedom behind the wheel.

We rely on them, so it makes sense that we would expect them to know what works best for our auto repair issue.

Our wheels depend on it.

So, what do they rely on, and who does an automotive and mechanical professional turn to when they need a product that meets the expectation of their industry and that of the customer?

That’s simple.

GlueAngel offers both.

Why Do Automotive Professionals Need the Right Adhesive Partnerships?

Sometimes the simple things aren’t always at the forefront. We can take for granted the things we rely on the most. When we need a professional service, we look for solutions, a fix that will get us back on track.

For a professional automotive expert, the same things apply. They need solutions that won’t let their customers down and products that will be at the ready for all kinds of jobs.

From small mishaps to larger fixes, fit-for-purpose products that work well the first time will always win over ones which have average performance.

Reputation is important in this industry and the trust put into an automotive and mechanical professional knowledge and understanding of the right tools for the job mean the difference between repeat business and happy customers.

The Adhesives They Trust

So, what needs to be on the shelves of an automotive professional? The best for the job at hand.

Pretty simple but undeniable. Here’s what GlueAngel offers and delivers the automotive pro.


An industrial adhesive and filling powder which sets in seconds.

This is versatility in one simple application.

It can be used as a basic adhesive with excellent bonding capabilities or together with the filling powder, will fill and strengthen for long-term repair success.

Fill and reinforce all those little areas of concern all the way up to cracked distributor caps.

What’s it used for?

Repairers use it on bumpers, wheel covers, mirrors, radiators, cracked casings, as well as repairs to grills and door handles

Wait, radiators?

Yes. Repairs to metal areas will also benefit from GBond’s compound with its temperature resistance of up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want more? Look at these features:

  • Weather resistant
  • Fast acting for quick turnaround
  • Outstanding aging properties.

This solution brings sticky to a new level.

Glue Genius Kit

Adhesives are not all created equally. Sure, to know them is to love them but what if that was a love that lasted past just being a summer thing.

Meet the love of your life.

This adhesive solution is made up of two elements. One an activator, the other, a super glue style adhesive. These two best friends together present as a technological advantage to typical super glues of today helping automotive professionals get your wheels looking new again.

Why two products in one kit?

The use of the activator simply allows a stronger bond. Working together these products remove the need for screws and nails.

Why have one when you can have two, right? (Hey, what a coincidence. That’s exactly what I’ve come to learn about donuts.)

What is this product used for?

Over time, the interior of any vehicle gives way to lots of shakes, rattles and rolls. The good news is they don’t have to drive you crazy anymore and can be easily dealt with using an adhesive that will repair without drama and mess.

Raised wood paneling, plastics, steering wheel and cover repairs, and dashboard mishaps.

So, what else can this superstar do?

This is no one-trick pony. Further uses are:

  • Any ceramic material
  • Cloth seams
  • Rubber repairs
  • Leather seats
  • Glass

It feels unfair to this product to think of it as just a simple glue.

A true genius? We think so.

You’ll find auto professionals would agree.

GlueAngel Screw It! Just Glue It

Do away with nails and screws? What kind of sorcery is this?

For automotive professionals there’s no magic here, just the best adhesive for those applications that need an excellent bond that lasts.

What’s it used for?

  • Headliner repairs.

When it starts to droop, get the goop. It’s unsightly and annoying. In order to put that headliner back where it belongs, this product sticks fast.

  • Carpet replacement.

Carpets in vehicles take a lot of abuse. It sees the dirty end of everyone so it’s not so surprising when it begins to tear and rebels against the simple act of cleaning. Replace it for good with the help of a strong adhesive bonding compound.

  • Dash Mats

We install them to protect the dash from the effects of UV, as a softer place to land your sunglasses and phones, and simply to preserve the interior of our prized possession, but they too see better days. Replace them and have them stick properly for longer.

This product is packed with features and is why automotive and mechanical professionals reach for it.

Its instant tack means it’s ready to go immediately and can also be applied to wet surfaces where instant repairs are required. It has excellent UV resistance which means the user won’t have to worry about lifting due to extreme sun interference.

What Do Auto Professionals Look For?

Professionals have their favorite products without a doubt. Office workers may prefer using one brand of laptop over another, and hairdressers choose a preferred range of styling products.

There are very good reasons for all these conscious choices.

There are a few things that rise to the top, however, for all professions.

Reliability above all. The products used by those in the automotive industry need to perform at their highest level. Every time.

Their professional reputation depends on it as does the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

The alternative is never a consideration.

So, what else ranks high?

  • Ease of use. No mess no fuss. Easy to locate from normal supply chains
  • Results first time and every time

The role of an auto specialist involves more than torque wrenches and spark plugs. They cover all areas of automotive care from the tip on one bumper to the other, and all points in between.

With a lot of players in the market, how can you be sure your auto professional offers what you need?

A bit of research will tell you all you need to know. They use the best with one thing in mind, to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

A hard and fast solution? GlueAngel has it all wrapped up.

So, go ahead and feel the wind in your hair knowing your wheels were in good hands.

For the best advice and information on what professional automotive and mechanical professionals use, visit us today. We’ve got the sticky for you.