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6 Benefits of Seam & Flashing Tapes for Commercial Projects

Seam and flashing tape. Where would we be without them? Their use is invaluable for roofers and builders to ensure no moisture and other pollutants get in where they’re not wanted. Visit us for the best in adhesive tapes for your home or commercial project.
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Why Every Roofing Professional Needs THICC Brand Specialty Products - National Adhesive

Why Every Roofing Professional Needs THICC Brand Speciality Products

Roofers are a special kind of tradesperson. They literally keep a roof over our heads, but they need good products on their side. THICC tapes and structural adhesives provide the best they can get. Contact us for our range and see for yourself. THICC is the only choice.
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5 Adhesive Applications to Protect Your Home During the Rainy Spring Season

Adhesives can be a homeowner’s best friend, especially in the rainy season. Water can get into the smallest of cracks and crevices causing expensive damage if not remedied right away. When the rains come, make sure your home is ready. Visit us today for the best glue options for your home maintenance.
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