At National Adhesive, our team has been the driving force behind our success, innovation, and growth. We’ve built a highly skilled team of passionate and knowledgeable individuals that line up with our core values and company visions. Together, our talented team members work alongside each other, and the executive team to set goals, make necessary changes, and work towards new achievements all while keeping the overall objectives of the company in mind. 

Our strategic lead roles have been at the helm ever since National Adhesive got off the ground. They’ve proven to be indispensable in what we’ve achieved so far and will remain invaluable assets moving forward as they help guide our team from success to success. Our CEO has continuously uncovered new ways to develop and launch innovative products, improve our services, and enhance the customer experience all while remaining true to our common goal of making things easy for our clients. Our COO has ensured all National Adhesive’s moving parts are working smoothly together and heading in the right direction. National Adhesive has created an amazing sales and marketing team to ensure our resellers want more product lines due to the increasing demand of our products.

Dean Van Zyl


A seasoned entrepreneur, with almost 3 decades focusing on start-ups, Dean van Zyl has brought his vision and skills (as showcased in the Entrepreneur magazine) to spearhead National Adhesive as the CEO and Founder.


David Baxley


As chief operating officer at National Adhesive, David Baxley is responsible for the global operations of the company. He brings more than 28 years of experience to National Adhesive.


Milton Chez


Milton Chez is a multinational technology executive who has served over 25 years in a variety of industries as CIO including Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Gas & Convenience, Hotels, Restaurants, MRO Supply, Automotive Aftermarket, Cosmetics, Fashion Design, & Fragrance Licensee.


Michael Kontranowski

SVP - Marketing & Business Development

Michael is an experienced Sales & Marketing Executive with a proven track record of exceeding revenue and margin goals within multiple industry segments. He is execution oriented and experienced in all aspects of management, marketing, product development and sales.


Robyn Zacharias

SVP - Marketing

With over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Robyn is a seasoned executive renowned for her exceptional leadership in the industry. For two decades, she steered a dynamic advertising agency, spearheading strategic campaigns and pioneering marketing solutions in various sectors such as retail, packaged goods, consumer goods, apparel, banking and more.


Stephen Walters

VP - Sales & E-Commerce

Throughout his career, Stephen has been involved with many consumer product startup companies. In the past 10 years, he has experienced significant revenue growth in the retail, e-commerce & commercial channels both domestically as well as internationally.


Heman Mohanlal

VP - Brand Manager

Heman started a lifelong passion for design around 1998 and has been an industry leader in South Africa in the creative and advertising sphere for many years.


Barry Van Houten III


As Controller for National Adhesive, Barry is responsible for accounting operations, financial reporting, budget and forecast modeling, and financial analysis.