THICC AF ROOFERS Structural Adhesive

THICC AF ROOFERS Structural Adhesive uses innovative hybrid technology to provide a one part, elastomeric sealant/adhesive that will perform in a variety of demanding environments and applications without degrading. Unlike conventional polyurethanes and solvent based sealants/adhesives, THICC AF ROOFERS is 100% solids, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t contain harmful isocyanate and performs long-term without degrading, yellowing or chalking. THICC AF ROOFERS is made to perform in all environments and can be applied to wet substrates and will withstand immediate rainfall without worry. THICC AF ROOFERS has been formulated with long-term direct sunlight in mind and will continue to provide excellent physical properties even through constant change of temperatures, substrate settling, vibration and movement to provide a water tight seal and a durable bond.

Color: Black (33THAF1041), Bronze (33THAF1043), Sandstone (33THAF1040) & White (33THAF1039)
Size: 10.2 fl. oz.

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